Alquiler de Paddle Surf en las mejilloneras

It has never been that easy to get into the sea
If you know how to sail, now it is time to enjoy the sailboat, windsurf and paddle surf on your own!
No material? Don’t worry, we have the solution!
We let you our material to start on your own, to help you navigate starting at the beach and navigating by yourself. Slide over the sea with our quick, light and easy to manage boats. Besides, we are lucky enough to be in a place that is perfect to practice this sport and enjoy the waves with a fundamental wind.


The renting of the material


Every day from 10h to 13h and from 17h to 20h.


1h - 10€
2h - 15€
3h - 20€
4h - 25€
5h - 30€
6h - 35€

No oblidis:

Sportive clothing depending on the season
Summer and spring: swimsuit, t-shirt, hat and sun cream.
Autumn and winter: neoprene and slippers.

Additional Information:

At Natura and Aventura facilities, you can find a picnic area surrounded by pine trees and shade. There is also a portable restroom available.

Coordinates: 40.6233535, 0.6198598

You can make a stop at the "Caseta Avi Agustí" nursery or "el Musclarium" to taste the exquisite mussels and oysters from our bay. The tasting is not included in the price.


Natura & Aventura
Crta. Poble Nou, km. 1,5
Sant Carles de la Ràpita (43540) / Tarragona