Ebre’s routes

If there is something authentic about Delta de l’Ebre, it is its tradition and love of sailing. For this reason, we offer you a number of activities to be able to navigate the Ebre river and the Badia dels Alfacs either with a traditional lute, or with a sailboat, or with one of our boats that will help you explore the routes of one of the most important rivers in the country. In addition, during these routes, you can enjoy aperitifs, a sunset or live music.

In the Ebre river you can navigate in the most classic and original way with the Sirgador’s lute. The Sirgador’s lute is a classic vessel from the Ebre river, made of wood with a Latin sail that has been motorized to navigate in the different tours to discover Tortosa, Illa de Xiquina and the riverside wood, calmly and in a traditional way while you enjoy live music or a snack or a sunset on board.


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