The Ebre’s Delta Natural Park constitutes of one of the most important aquatic habitats of water birds in the occidental part of the Mediterranean. It’s the most important wet area in Catalonia and the place where 95 different species choose to nest. 330 migratory birds’ species of the 600 in Europe use this space to hibernate, food and rest.

Along the 320 square meters of the delta, you’ll find long and wild sand beaches coexisting with lagoons, rice fields, vegetables and orchard gardens. Together offering a surprising landscape full of contrasts.

The rice fields are the main part of the Ebre’s Delta, they form the 85% of the cultivated area.

Fishing, shellfish gathering and aquiculture are also fundamental activities because the nutrients that the Ebre River brings food the fishing ports of the Ebre’s sea. Fishing in the lagoons (Encanyissada i Tancada) is an ancestral activity that uses traditional tools and methods.

The Ebre’s Delta cause emotions, stimulate sensations and mobilize feelings. The delta is a place to observe in each season of the year. Each day is different in the delta and the changes in the landscape, colours, vegetation and fauna are constant.

You should remember that the Ebre’s Delta is a fragile area and we have to collaborate in its conservation, to make sure the next generations can enjoy this magic space too.

  • It was declared Natural Park to guarantee a rational use of the resources and to promote scientist and educational uses.
  • It’s a specially protected zone for birds conservation (ZEPA), following the CEE guideline 79/409.
  • It’s included in the list of the agreement for wet areas with international importance, specially as an habitat for aquatic birds (RAMSAR).
  • It’s proposed as a Communitarian Important Place (LIC) in the context of the Xarxa Natura 2000.
  • It’s declared as an interesting area for the halophile vegetation by the European Council.
  • It’s a European important area for the aquatic vegetation conservation.
  • It’s a category A space by the UICN (exceptional interest).

 Rules and advices:

- Collaborate in conservation following the advice and instructions provided everywhere.
- You can not do anything to affect the flora, fauna and the environment. Respect the signs, pathways and access areas or fotografiad prohibido.Observad always from the right places.
- Non-collection of animals and plants, neither living nor dead. The camping is permitted only in established campsites or camping grounds provided by the Park.
- During the spring, summer and autumn should bring a mosquito repellent.
- In areas of special protection or interest is forbidden without tying dogs.
- Not waste paper, or plastic, or cans in the soil. Let clean as land and find, if necessary, cleaner.

For more details:

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