Sunset and traditional music on the lute through the Ebre.

The scenic and musical essence of the Ebre river navigating with the lute of Lo Sirgador.
With the Ebre’s traditional sailing, Lo Sirgado offers us the chance of experiencing something unique: a 90 minutes fluvial route through the Ebre that ends with a wonderful sunset. The tour go upriver passing under all the bridges in town and the Isle of Xiquina, after that it goes downriver
to the well-known Isle of Bulls, ending the route at the starting point, the jetty in the city market. During the navigation, a live music performance will take place, jazz, ‘jotes’, ‘havaneres’, or popular music. This is where the perfect mix to enjoy the traditions of Terres de l’Ebre and the authenticity of them while we enjoy a relaxing moment on the river.


Navigation and guide
Live music
Glass of wine, Mistela or water
Pastisset (typical sweet from Tortosa)


Since the 1 st April to the 4 th April, at 19h


Adults: 16€
Kids between 4 and 12: 8€
Kids under 4: 5€

No oblidis:

A jacket or a hat depending on the season
If you bring binoculars you will enjoy the views more

Additional Information:

Professional guidance with stories and anecdotes and very interesting
We are punctual and we accept pets
Available for groups, with a tour from the estuary to Miravet (depending
on river’s flow)
We can include additional services on demand


Av/ Felip Pedrell, Jetty
43500 Tortosa