Panoramic tour in the Badia dels Alfacs on a big boat

Discover the natural bay of Alfacs, the biggest in Europe!
The Badia dels Alfacs is a unique place in the world and with this motor launch route you can discover everything that is hiding: the mussel-beds, the Trinitat salt mines, Sant Joan tower, Punta la Banya… everything while you are having exceptional views of La Ràpita’s coast and the Montsià mountain. Also, this tour can be combined with a taste of mussels and oysters in one of our mussel-beds.
Important note: this tour stops at the mussel-beds but the price DOES NOT include the tasting, only the transport. If you want to get a place in the tasting you recommend you to book one of the two options we have in the “Mussel-beds route” page.



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Duració aproximada:

1h and 15 minutes only the route.
It might be 2h if it includes the visit to the mussel-beds.


Creures Delta de l’Ebre
Moll de creuers recreatius
43540 Sant Carles de la Ràpita