Paddle surf with experience guide across the Badia dels Alfacs

Stroll on the water of the Badia dels Alfacs
The Badia dels Alfacs is an ideal place to do Paddle Surf. The calm sea of
??the bay allows you to walk on the water and discover magical places: the
Torre de Sant Joan, the mussel-beds, the salt mines... all this is at your
fingertips in the Badia dels Alfacs. Spend an unforgettable time with a
Paddle Surf board, an oar and the sea of ??the bay.


Paddle Surf boat and the oar.
Explanation of the surroundings where the activity takes place

Experienced and quality monitors


From April to October every day.
At 10:30h. we recommend to get there 15 minutes before the starting of
the activity.


Adult Paddle Surf route: 20€p.p.
Kid Paddle Surf route (from 4 to 12): 15€p.p.

No oblidis:

Sportive clothing depending on the season
Summer and spring: swimsuit, t-shirt, towel, hat, sun cream and water.
Autumn and winter: neoprene (can be booked)

Additional Information:

In our installations you can find a picnic area surrounded by pine trees and
shade. We also have WC.
Coordinates: 40.6233535,0.6198598
It is possible to stop at Avi Agustí or Musclarium mussel-beds to taste the
exquisite mussels and oysters from our bay. The tasting is not included in
the price.


Natura & Aventura
Plaça del Coc, 18
43540 Sant Carles de la Ràpita