Musclarium visit with tasting (combined with the big boat)

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Do you want to get on board of the first mussel-beds ever made in Sant
Carles de la Ràpita? Do you want to know everything about the mussel
farmers? Do you want to taste the Delta on the mussel-bed?
At Musclarium you can discover the art of the mussel and oyster farming
in the Delta de l’Ebre. An expert in this farming will show you the secrets
of the cultivation as where the mussels and oysters grow and he will take
them out of the water for you to see. You will learn how to open an
oyster, watch an interesting video in which all the processes of the
farming are shown. Also, you can taste our products together with a great
wine or champagne on the mussel-bed. Come and enjoy an unforgettable
experience in the middle of the sea.
Important: the price includes only the tasting. To get to the mussel-bed
you need to book the motor launch aside in the “Mussel-beds tour” on
our website. You have to be aware that the days where the motor launch
stops in the mussel-bed are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday (On Monday,
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the motor launch stops at the mussel-
bed of Avi Agustí).


-Visit to the mussel-bed and explanation about the farming of
oysters and mussels.
- Tasting + drink (glass of wine, glass of champagne or soft drink)


From Easter to December: Sundays 11:15h.
Summer: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 11:15h.


Option 1: mussels + drink: 11€/p.p.
Option 2: mussels and 3 oysters + drink: 17€/p.p.


Moll de creuers recreatius
43540. Sant Carles de la Ràpita