Lagoons route in Delta de l’Ebre

Cycle on your own around Delta de l’Ebre
Enjoying Delta de l’Ebre on a bike is very easy since the terrain is
completely flat and the physical effort is minimal. With the route of the
lagoons you will discover the rafts of the Encanyissada and the Tancada of
the Natural Park of Delta de l’Ebre. This route is audio-guided, and
includes stops at various viewpoints to contemplate the unique landscape
and its fauna and flora. A pleasant and easy route for the little ones.


Map with indications to follow the route
Bike booking or child bike booking
Other accessories can be included


The route lasts one day to enjoy this way all the stops, even so it can be
done with half a day.
The store opens from Monday to Saturday from 10h to 13:30h and from
17:00h to 20h. Bikes can be picked up and returned any time between
these hours.


Adult and kid bike booking: 12€

No oblidis:

Sportive clothes depending on the season and:
Summer and Spring: a hat, sun cream and insect repellent, water and
binoculars. At Poblenou del Delta and the House of Wood, there are
restaurants and in the Trabucador you can take a dip in the beach.
Autumn and Winter: hat, insect repellent, water, binoculars. There are
restaurants at Poblenou del Delta and the House of Wood.

Additional Information:

Google maps routes depending on the season:
From March to September:
From October to February:
Deposit of 20€ par bike and padlock, helmet and mobile cover.
In Delta we mix nature with traditional activities such as hunting. Take a
look at the second itinerary to know how to ride safely in the hunting


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