Jet ski rental with license

Discover the largest natural bay in Europe!
Boat itinerary through the Alfacs bay to see the mussel platforms, Trinitat saltworks, Sant Joan tower and the Punta de la Banya natural reserve, within the Ebro Delta Natural Park. From the center of the bay we will see how the Montsià mountain range rises after La Ràpita.
In addition, this excursion can be combined with a stop the mussels platform where you can have a tasting of mussels and oysters.


- Briefing (Clase teórica de manejo de motos de agua)
- 2 usuarios por moto
- 2 chalecos salvavidas


May: 10-17h from Monday to Friday
10-20h from Saturday to Sunday

June, july and august: 10-20h from Monday to Sunday.


180€ (1 hour)
310 (2 hour)
390 (3 hours)
780 (all the day)

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Boat itinerary, departing from the Tourist Pier of Sant Carles de la Ràpita, to take a guided tour of the Alfacs bay and visit the mussel platforms, the Salinas de la Trinitat, the Sant Joan tower, and the Punta de la Banya natural reserve. The boat will make a stop at a mussel platform, where we can optionally taste mussels and oysters with a drink (this option is not included in the price).


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