Curso de windsurf semanal infantil

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And for the more adventurous children who are looking for a little more intense activity, we propose courses to learn to sail in Windsurf.

The courses allow you to start learning this sport with the aim of becoming an autonomous navigator with a good level of Windsurf.

We have material to help the students to feel comfortable. The high volume of the boards and the light sails adapted to the physical constitution of any student, make easier a sport that seems to have a higher difficulty. We work with an efficient method that let the students be able to navigate from the first day.

Following the standards of the Catalan Sailing School, we offer the certificates of the 3 levels, Basic, Middle and Advanced, which have as a main goal to validate the autonomy in the sailing.

The programming of each session will be determined by the meteorological conditions and the personalized monitoring of each student.


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Additional Information:

Duration: 15h. 5 sessions of 3h (from Monday to Friday)
Minimum number of participants: 3
Maximum number of participants: 6
Ship to be used: windsurf


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