Badia dels Alfacs’ panoramic route on a boat

Discover the hidden treasures of the Badia dels Alfacs!
With this guided route you can discover all the corners of the Badia dels
Alfacs, its beaches, its mussel-beds, the Punta la Banya, the Trinitat salt
mines, while you watch the Montsià mountain climbing over La Ràpita.

With this route you will explore all the interesting places and hidden
secrets of our bay.


Guided tour with a boat for 25 people
Stop and detailed explanation of the mussels and oyster’s cultivation



Adult: 15€
Kids from 3 to 9: 10€
Kids under 3 for free

No oblidis:

Sun cream, hat and insect’s repellent Fine jacket for afternoon routes

Additional Information:

In morning routes, it can stop at Musclarium to taste mussels and oysters
from the Badia dels Alfacs.
The tasting is not included in the price.
Musclarium is closed in the afternoons, so, the afternoon routes will not
include this option.
You must book a place for the tasting one hour after the boat sails.
In case you have a booking at Musclarium, you have to tell the captain
when the boat sails.
The company reserves the right of cancellation without noticing due to
the meteorological conditions.


Embarcaciones Badia Alfacs
Moll de creuers Recreatius
La Ràpita
Telf. +34 646 920 531 /+34 649 221 892